Outdoor decking design and its types

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Outdoor decking is a smooth, stable, and dry surface that provides the basis for the implementation of fireplaces, chairs, waterfalls and... decking can be designed away from home or near home and forms a single, separate area where various elements can be implemented. In the following, we will define decking separately and in more detail and express different ideas in their design so that you can better understand its importance in landscaping your garden, yard, and villa.


Types of Outdoor decking

independent decking

Isolated decking is a low space that is not attached to the side of the house. Many deckings are attached to the house for structural reasons and are easier to access from inside the house.

Because many stand-alone decking is usually less than 30 inches high, many communities do not require a permit to build a fence. Of course, many homeowners prefer to install protection around it to increase safety.

One of the advantages of separate Outdoor decking is that you no longer need to make changes to the interior of your home. To implement connected decking, it is necessary to break or change a part of your home to create a solid surface. Prefabricated concrete blocks can be used to build separate outdoor decking to prevent wet concrete from being placed. Detached decking will be easy to install and less expensive.


Outdoor decking connected to the house

A decking house is generally a platform built above ground level and connected to the main building. For safety, it is usually enclosed by a fence and can be accessed through the door or the stairs. Decking (detached and attached) can be covered with awnings or pavilions to control sunlight.

Attached decking are often sensitive and complex structures that require structural engineering, drawings, and permits. These deckings may contain spaces for cooking, dining, and living where the cooking areas are ideally placed in front of the front door of the house. Larger buildings may also have decking on the upper floors, which can be used as green space. Decking on the beaches is also used to build the trail.


Outdoor decking ideas

You can use Outdoor decking to place the dining table and create a cozy place for your family and guests. With a little clever lighting, your decking will be beautiful and usable in the dark of night.

Outdoor decking design around the pool

You can enclose your pool with wood decking for easy maintenance and an attractive appearance. You can also use the roof garden decking space to build a pool and sunbathe next to it.

Outdoor fireplace design

The decking environment can be used to install a fire pit, which is a pleasant and cozy place in the open air.

Create fit and coherence in Outdoor decking design

If the door to your living room or bedroom opens on decking; You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people. A small change is enough to distinguish between indoor and outdoor.

Green space design on decking

The use of colorful flowering plants, shrubs, and vegetables on the decking will make you feel relaxed, which will be complemented by the addition of a table and chairs.

Apply glass railings around Outdoor decking

Instead of using enclosed fences, you can use glass protection and create a subtle and different design. This idea makes the surrounding view easy to see from inside the decking.

As you read in the text above, Outdoor decking is divided into two separate and connected categories, each of which is very useful in outdoor landscape design.

You have probably noticed that in some places, especially in open spaces, boards or wooden furniture have high strength and durability. These boards are mostly used for people to relax so that they can use the open space in this way.

One of the most important features of wood is that you have to keep in mind that to prevent any kind of problems, including moisture-induced decay, and insect-infested damage that they have found to ensure these hazards and damage. And there are certain characteristics that you should look for when buying wood for an outdoor board.

Suitable woods for outdoor decking are:

  • Cypress
  • Tropical forest
  • Redwood
  • Composite
  • Treated with pressure

In the following, we will examine each of the above.

1. Cypress

One of the most suitable options based on durability and high moisture resistance is the use of cypress wood for outdoor decking. Because cypress is one of the softwoods, but in the face of damage and problems caused by rot, insect infestation has the necessary resistance and strength better than other woods. One of the salient features of this type of wood is its moisture content, which is very cold and icy depending on the weather conditions in the area where you live. This wood will easily and simply cope with these conditions and will not withstand them.

When you want to buy wood for outdoor decking, it is recommended that you buy Cypress wood. Because if these woods do not take good care of you, the service life of cypress will be about 15 to 20 years. Of course, if you take good care of it. Wash it with high pressure annually and paint it if necessary. This plant can usually be found mostly in the Pacific Northwest and other areas. As you can see, this plant can only be used in areas where the humidity is very high.


2. Tropical forest

The most common woods that are used in open spaces are called tropical woods. These woods are for outdoor decking, which is of quality and resistance, as well as waterproof, and are currently very expensive. The best woods for decking are ham and lime, which are very durable and resistant to moisture and damage caused by pests and rot. This has only increased the cost of decking by the workforce.

Another feature that should be considered is access to this type of wood, which can be time-consuming, and also the cost of transporting this type of wood increases the price of outdoor decking. If you do not have enough money for this purpose, you need to consider enough resources to build a tropical wood decking to a beautiful end product that will last for many years.


3. Redwood
One of the softwood models that is mostly used in the production of outdoor decking. Redwoods are made of Cypress due to their high resistance to roughness. These woods are like cypress trees. Redwoods are very resistant to problems such as moisture, rot, and pests. The resistance of this type of wood is due to the natural oils and tannins that are created from it, which makes this sample of redwoods more beautiful.

To maintain and protect the outdoor decking, which is made of redwood such as Cypress because it is under pressure for a year. If you are looking to maintain the natural appearance of redwood, it is necessary to paint these woods well every two years. The price of redwood in most parts of the United States is a bit more expensive than other pressed wood, given that you live on the west coast, the price of this wood is much cheaper than other models.


4. composite

To speed up the work process, use Outdoor decking composite wood, which is usually made of polyethylene or polyvinyl chloride. It is made of recycled plastic with wood fibers, which is made of recycled plastic. Due to the range and extent of recycled plastics with wood fibers, which is one of the distinctive features of composite wood that can be stored.

One of the features of composite wood is that it does not need to be painted and cleaned regularly and regularly. One of the disadvantages of composite wood is its lack of attractive shape and appearance. Also, when it rains, the surface of the wood becomes completely slippery and becomes very hot when exposed to sunlight. If you ignore the ups and downs, you will not see any more storage for these materials on the outdoor decking. It is one of the best composite woods of the Trex model.



With all that being said about outdoor decking, you should know that Cypress or Redwood is the best choice, and industry experts also recommend that this type of wood is very suitable and cost-effective.


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