What is PVC flooring?

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PVC flooring in 1912, an American inventor named Waldo Simon succeeded in producing a product called PVC. PVC is a substance that contains carbon, hydrogen, and chlorine that is produced in the polymerization process. The flooring we know as polyvinyl chloride (PVC), which stands for Poly Vinyl Chloride, is a widely used plastic material derived from petroleum derivatives.

This type of flooring is very durable and flexible at the same time. PVC flooring is a combination of fiber, PVC compact material, and several other layers, which ultimately form a beautiful, thin, and of course, durable product; Each layer has a function in PVC flooring.


Components of PVC flooring

Floors are usually made in rectangular dimensions with a width of 15 and a length of 90. The thickness of the flooring is 2 cm and 33 mm and it is marketed with a wood design. To increase the mechanical strength and durability of the floor, protective layers are placed on the floor in a concave and simple type.

In the dentin type, there are small protrusions on the decorative surface of PVC floors that prevent objects from slipping; Embossed PVC flooring can be embossed design, granite design, and… 

In the simple type, the floors are quite similar to wood and parquet designs, which consist of a cohesive and flexible layer of PVC to better fit together and not separate from the work surface and prevent seams from opening between the floor tiles. In the next layer, which is the decorative layer of the floor, there is a layer with a parquet-like appearance and wood with a thickness of 12 microns.

For resistance and durability against erosion, a protective layer is applied to the previous layer, which is durable enough to be used on the floor of the building.


Introducing different types of PVC flooring

UV layer

This layer protects the floor surface.

Cover layer

This layer makes the flooring resistant.

Design layer

This layer is the printed layer.

The main layer

This ossification layer is flooring and is made of PVC material.

The bottom layer

This layer is located under the floor and prevents the floor from warping.


Features of PVC flooring

  • Economically viable
  • Easy and fast installation
  • Very easy to clean
  • Waterproof


This type of flooring is less likely to break with other types of flooring than other floors.

  • No risk of slipping
  • High quality and durability
  • Suitable for residential, commercial, office, and homes
  • Thermal and acoustic insulation
  • Has a variety of designs and colors?
  • Prevents objects from slipping
  • Resistant to impact and abrasion
  • Edged (protrusions on the decorative surface)
  • Advantages of using PVC flooring


long life

Unlike parquet and laminates, the life of PVC flooring is very long, the life of this type of flooring is about 20 years, and it will make you think about repairing or replacing it.


Easy to wash

This type of flooring is waterproof and you do not have to worry about water spilling on the floor or getting wet. Also, like wood parquet and laminates, there is no need for specialized detergents, and you can easily wash them with any detergent.


High resistance

The materials used in this type of flooring have made these floors very resistant to scratches and scratches; For this reason, you can easily use this type of PVC flooring in busy places. This type of flooring is a good choice for those who have pets because it is resistant to scratches on the nails of animals and does not scratch.


Huge variety

One of the most diverse floorings is PVC flooring, which includes simple models, wood designs, stone designs, etc., and you can choose this type of flooring without any restrictions and with any taste.


Waterproof and washable
Heat and acid resistance

This type of flooring has heat and acid-resistant coating, which makes PVC flooring the best choice for hospitals, laboratories, and kitchen floors.

Has antistatic properties and can be installed on all smooth surfaces


Has a variety of antibacterial?

In this type of PVC flooring, microbes are killed by creating a surface that has silver ions. Despite this feature, there is no need to use antibacterial chemicals. It is interesting to know that this technique is so effective that even with the impact and damage to the floor surface, the antibacterial property remains. This feature makes PVC flooring suitable for installation in corridors and stairs of hospitals, pharmacies, hospital emergency departments, and…


High installation speed

Due to their lightweight, these floors can be installed easily and quickly.

Use after installation

Immediately after installing PVC flooring, you can put your furniture on it.

Earthquake Resistant


Disadvantages of using PVC flooring


One of the disadvantages of PVC flooring is that they are produced through oil and chemicals and because of the damage to the environment, many people do not use this type of flooring.


Excessive flexibility

In some models of these floors, there is a lot of flexibility, and also if you use these floors in the living room, due to their softness, it takes the place of the base of the table and sofa and makes their appearance bad. And if you use this type of flooring, you can not change your decoration.



PVC floors are very sensitive to sunlight and if they are exposed to sunlight, their color will fade and take on an inappropriate appearance.


Normal appearance

Although the variety of models in PVC flooring is very high, like wood parquet, it does not give a great look to your desired place; For this reason, this type of flooring is used in hospitals, factories, or store spaces.


High installation fee

Although this type of PVC flooring has a lower price than laminates, due to the high cost of installation and infrastructure at the time of completion, the cost of this flooring and laminate is very close to each other.


Do not reinstall
This type of flooring breaks down and cannot be reinstalled like wood flooring.


What places are suitable for PVC flooring?

One of the most important issues to consider when buying PVC flooring is whether or not this flooring is suitable for our chosen location. Since this type of flooring has a very high resistance, it can be used in most places. Places such as houses, from the reception to the bathroom, can be covered with these floors.

Also in commercial places such as boutiques or shops, this type of flooring can be used. As we said in the disadvantages of PVC flooring, this type of flooring is very sensitive to light, and in places where there is direct sunlight, it is better not to use this type of flooring; Because in the long run their color changes; If only part of your area is exposed to sunlight, cover that area with carpet or rug.


Cleaning PVC flooring

This type of flooring looks great for use in the busiest places, but it needs to be cleaned regularly to stay clean. To clean these floors, first clean the hair with a vacuum cleaner, dust, and, then use a towel or a damp cloth to clean the floors.


Price of PVC flooring

The price of PVC flooring is very different and the higher the quality of the product, the more expensive it is. The price of this type of flooring is determined based on different factors; The most important factor in determining the price of import and production. This type of flooring is less expensive than wood parquet and laminates.


Application of PVC flooring
These floors are mostly used in spaces that need constant washing, such as office, commercial and store spaces, health centers, residential houses, kitchens, and so on. The choice of flooring in the kitchen depends on the type of cabinet and the color of the cabinet.


Choose the color of the floor

For children's places, it is better to use happy colors.

For places like the study or the library, colors that do not distract are used. Some people prefer these places to darker colors than screaming colors. Walnut color is a color that is widely used for libraries.

In reception areas such as homes and offices, colors are usually set with furniture and other items.

The choice of Pvc flooring color also has a lot to do with the season and time. For example, some colors are called warm and some are called cold. Although this is a personal matter, it has a significant psychological impact.

Usually, light colors make the space appear more open, and dark colors make the space appear smaller. This issue also has a great impact on the choice of floor color according to the area of ​​the building.

A cream range of colors is one of the colors that make the space of home or workplace look wider.

The choice of PVC flooring in kitchens is mostly chosen according to the color of the cabinets, the interior decoration of the kitchen, or small components such as cabinet handles.



PVC flooring is also called vinyl. These floors are very durable and can be used in different places. PVC flooring, in addition to its many advantages, has disadvantages that you must pay attention to before buying. In this article, the advantages, and disadvantages of PVC flooring were fully explained. We hope you find this article useful.


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