Innovative Flooring Products

Here is several categories of European made Product categories and you can go through them for more information and see collection inside or product category.


Water resistant Laminate flooring

Low expansion floorings

High gloss scratch resistant flooring

Portable sport flooring

Fire and water proof flooring

Screw free outdoor decking

Click system chevron and herringbone

Custom made laminate flooring

Aromatic engineered flooring

Re-claimed hardwood floorings



KG ranks among the leading manufacturers of wood-based materials, with an annual production capacity of about 60 million square metres of laminate flooring at one site.

The Barlinek Group

The Barlinek Group is one of the world's leading manufacturers of Engineered wood floors or semi-solid, with potential production of 9m m² per annum.

Falquon Exclusive Surfaces

Resilience, precision and elegance are also the characteristics of FALQUON EXCLUSIVE SURFACES high-gloss laminate flooring.Our products offer you a more sophisticated selection of floor coverings design.

Esta Parket

The main activity of the Company is further processing of wood for flooring, such as Engineered flooring. At least 95% of our wood flooring products are produced for Customers in more than 40 countries throughout Europe, America and Asia.


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