The importance of poolside wooden flooring and its types

As mentioned, choosing a poolside wooden flooring is one of the issues that should be paid special attention to and important points in choosing it. One of the most important things to consider when choosing a pool floor is that it should be completely safe, meaning that it is completely slippery and does not create a slippery surface when in contact with water. Also, since these floors will be in constant contact with water and moisture due to the position in which they are located (i.e. around the pool), a product should be selected that has a very high resistance to water and moisture. And does not rot over time.

On the other hand, the flooring that is chosen for the pool area should have the necessary harmony with the conditions of the space around the pool. For example, indoor pool flooring is different from outdoor pool flooring that is exposed to different weather conditions. In general, two types of poolside wooden flooring are used, one of which is Plast wood and the other is thermowood. In the following, we will fully introduce these two types of flooring to you.


Benefits of Plast wood around the pool

  • Plast wood around the pool has many advantages, including:
  • Having a reasonable price and affordability
  • Full resistance to water, in other words, being waterproof
  • Ability to use them in creative and special designs
  • Has more flexibility compared to different types of wood
  • Perfect fire resistance and non-flammable
  • Ability to wash and clean it with a variety of detergents
  • Lightweight and very high impact resistance
  • Having resistance against the penetration of insects and termites and ...
  • Non-slip
  • Having variety in a color scheme
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Environmental compatibility and recyclability in the environment


Price poolside wooden flooring Plast
One of the most important issues in choosing plast wood around the pool is its price. The price of plast wood around the pool depends on various factors such as the area of ​​the space as well as the dimensions of the profiles used. On the other hand, because the price of the currency is always fluctuating and changing, and since some of the raw materials of this product are also imported, it is not possible to determine a fixed price for the plast wood around the pool.


How to perform poolside wooden flooring with thermowood

Many people today use different materials to run around the pool. One of the most important and best materials used to design poolside wooden flooring is thermowood. The quality of the type of wood around the pool is very important. You need to consider some points to choose the type of wood around the pool. If you want to design the perimeter of the pool with the best flooring, you should consider the points related to the quality and how to implement it.

The quality and type of thermowood vary depending on the production method used for it. You need time to build and design around the pool to pay attention to how it is executed and its quality. The choice of thermowood wood based on its type and model should be such that it has a high resistance to slipping. Thermowood must prevent athletes from slipping in the pool. You should pay attention to the climate of that area when running around the pool with thermowood.


The beauty of thermowood for running around the pool
Note that the pool area is constantly wet. For this reason, waterproof thermowood woods should be used. The product you are considering for the pool area should be highly resistant to moisture. It is very important that the poolside wooden flooring is in harmony with the space around the pool. If your pool is located outdoors, you should choose the best and most beautiful material for the pool area. Applicable woods for the pool are thermowood and plast.

But you can also use other elements to beautify your pool. But you should know that installing thermowood is one of the best ways to work with other profiles. When the construction and design of the pool are finished, you should pay more attention to its beauty. If after building the pool, you realize that the pool does not have the necessary beauty, you should cover the area with appropriate materials. Thermowood is one of the best materials used around the pool.


Waterproof wood for poolside wooden flooring

The more waterproof and quality wood you use, the longer you can get the longevity of the wood. Many people around their pool want to use a pavilion. They multiply the beauty of their pool by doing so. Each pool is typically made of wood, and some are made using concrete and other materials. Each of the manufacturers that implement poolside wooden flooring will introduce different materials to customers. Customers consider different materials in terms of quality and price. They then choose one of them to run around each of their pools.

Since wood flooring is very attractive for the pool area, most people prefer to use wood. You will see a variety of models and designs related to the pool area. Then you will notice that the wood has multiplied the beauty and charm of the pool. Undoubtedly, with the use of thermowood woods, the beauty and charm of your pool will be multiplied. If you are planning to install thermowood waterproof wood in the pool area, you should ask the experts and installers who are professionals to install the wood.


Installation and execution of poolside wooden flooring with thermowood
Any experts who want to do thermowood around the pool must meet the necessary standards. It is very important that thermowood is durable. Check that the thermowood is waterproof and then apply it around the pool. Thermowood woods come in different models and sizes. Some of them are waterproof and you only have to use waterproof samples to run around the pool. You need to keep in mind that wood is resistant to pests and fungi.

Inspect the repair of thermowood wood to make sure that you can easily repair it after breakage or defect occurs. Execution of poolside wooden flooring using thermowood is based on specified standards, the costs of which should be checked. Thermowood makes a big difference in your pool. You need to prioritize the needs as well as how to install different types of thermowood. Then order them to use thermowood for the beauty of poolside wooden flooring. Note that it is better to check the types of thermowood wood to run around the pool.


Pool thermowood also has important advantages and features that we will discuss in the following. Including:

  • Having very high resistance in the face of different weather conditions
  • High resistance to water contact and decay in adverse conditions
  • Preserving the natural texture of pure wood
  • High resistance to dimensional changes or warping
  • Having a uniform and beautiful color on all wood surfaces
  • Having a very high resistance to the penetration of pests such as termites
  • Having a very high resistance against a variety of fungi, bacteria, and ...
  • Beauty and eye-catching
  • Long life
  • Extremely resistant to impact, pressure, and erosion
  • Completely safe for human health and without any harmful gums


Costs associated with designing a pool using wood
It is wrong to choose the cheapest type of wood. Because the cheapest type of wood is undoubtedly not waterproof and loses its structure after a while. You need to evaluate the durability and quality of the wood to perform poolside wooden flooring and then consider its price. The resistance of thermowood to water and moisture is one of the points that will be prioritized in wood selection. The cost of running around the pool using thermowood varies based on different factors. The amount of use of thermowood and also the type of thermowood are among the factors that affect the final price of this wood in the poolside wooden flooring. You can buy less wood to pay less.


Pool thermowood price

The price of pool thermowood is also one of the issues that are very involved in choosing thermowood and should be considered. Pine thermowoods are typically recommended for use with thermowood in swimming pools. Because this type of thermowood is more affordable than the samples made of hardwood, and in contrast, it has all the necessary features for use in the pool. In general, the price of thermowood poolside wooden flooring has several issues, including:

  • Type of use (use as a wall covering, flooring, sauna, etc.)
  • Pool thermowood installation costs (need infrastructure or not?)
  • The required amount of thermowood (calculated in square meters based on ambient area)
  • Thermowood (hardwoods have a higher price than softwoods)
  • Imported or domestically produced (domestic products are cheaper than imported samples due to currency fluctuations)
  • Thermowood quality grade (quality grade A is more expensive)
  • Type of paint used for thermowood painting (oil-based paints are more expensive than water-based paints)

And …

Finally, it can be said that you can choose and buy one of the types of poolside wooden flooring based on the space where the pool is to be built and your desired features, especially the desired budget.


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