What is Luxury Vinyl Flooring?

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The type of flooring is very important for all owners. Luxury vinyl flooring can be what everyone is looking for. It is true that at some point in time, a type of flooring enters the world of interior decoration with new material, but some old flooring still has a lot to say. Luxury vinyl flooring is a cover that still has its own fans.


Definition of Luxury vinyl flooring

Before we get into the basics of Vinyl Flooring, let's make sure we have a clear definition. Vinyl is a type of flooring that is made from synthetic materials such as fiberglass, (PVC) or any other type of polymer.

Vinyl flooring is a durable product because it is made of several layers and has a thick inner core. Vinyl flooring is especially popular because of its moisture resistance. Many vinyl flooring owners consider laminate flooring to be the same, but the truth is that they are completely different.

Today, vinyl flooring is produced thicker than before, which means that it is not only water-resistant but also completely waterproof! Vinyl flooring can usually be up to 5 mm thick. You can use this flooring in the kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, living room, and dining room. In addition, vinyl flooring is made almost like wood, ceramic, tile, and stone, so you will never feel limited in choosing your favorite designs.


Types of Luxury vinyl flooring

When we talk about vinyl flooring, we are not talking about how it is made. Instead, we focus on how to install vinyl flooring. You can choose between two main types of flooring, vinyl laminate (sheet) and panel flooring (tile).

If you are looking for a model that looks like ceramic or wood, you should refer to the panel option. Panels are also a great option for crowded rooms. They are also suitable for rooms with high humidity. If you are looking for a vinyl floor with a simple installation process, we suggest choosing laminated vinyl.

No matter which option you choose, never put new vinyl flooring on the old flooring. For this reason, most experts recommend placing plywood under your vinyl floor. Before installing Luxury vinyl flooring, you should always remove the carpet and any other type of flooring.


The difference between vinyl and linoleum flooring
Unlike vinyl flooring, linoleum flooring is made from completely natural materials. Linoleum is an environmentally friendly flooring option that has a long history of use. However, this flooring is a great option for those who are looking for something durable, environmentally friendly, and affordable. Linoleum is better than vinyl in terms of appearance and quality of materials.

This flooring is not as water-resistant as vinyl, but with proper care, it can last longer. While vinyl does not require more maintenance than general sweeping and cleaning, linoleum may need to be repaired if not properly maintained. Linoleum is slightly more expensive than vinyl and is commonly used in commercial spaces.


The best brands of Luxury vinyl flooring

First-class vinyl flooring has durable and 100% waterproof cores, which are found in wood and plastic, stone composites. Commercial-level abrasion surface: Vinyl flooring has different layers of abrasion (the thickness of the top layer that affects durability, stain, and scratch resistance), with the most common surface being at least 12 mm. This flooring is not easily damaged, scratched, or stained. You can easily install the floor of the vinyl board yourself until it passes a hard surface. Even if the floor of the vinyl board looks like hardwood, stone, and other materials, it is easier to clean and maintain.

If you pull something very heavy on the floor of the vinyl board, it may cause it to sink or puncture. If the installer uses glue, removing the floor from the vinyl board can be challenging. It may fade if the floor of the vinyl board is constantly exposed to ultraviolet light. Vinyl floorboards are not environmentally friendly and when you throw them away, they sit in landfills.


Armstrong is a world-renowned flooring brand. The company includes three different types of flooring, including engineered tiles, rigid cores, and vinyl. The vinyl flooring of this brand does not lose its integrity or swell when it comes in contact with water. Its durable surface means that it is resistant to stains, scratches, and abrasion.

Prices range from $ 0.80 to $ 1.76 per square foot. Consumers like these floors to have the same appearance and durability as ceramic tile or wood, but some of them are easily scratched and sunken.



After more than four decades of providing flooring to UK buyers, the company moved to the United States. Karndean flooring is leak-proof and will not be easily damaged if you put anything on it. The company offers Luxury vinyl flooring, which looks like wood with a rigid core. Karndean stands behind the quality of its flooring products with a lifetime warranty.

Prices vary depending on which option you choose. Each square foot of Karndean plan art costs $ 5.50, while each square foot of Karndean van Gogh costs $ 4.15. The company is proud of the design of each board, so it has unique characteristics and grain and produces each board using 100% pure vinyl. Luxury vinyl flooring options Karndean board is ideal for those looking for a solution in high-traffic areas. Consumers are happy with their quality, while others are concerned about the company's customer service.



For more than 100 years, Congoleum has been pushing the industry forward by creating innovative flooring products. Offers luxury tile floors and boards as well as luxury flooring. Classes contain a combination of natural and synthetic materials. The large molecules in polymers mean that these vinyl flooring options are durable and strong.

Prices range from $ 1.95 to $ 3.55 per square foot. The conglomerate is behind the design and durability of its vinyl flooring with a five-year limited warranty. Designs include ceramic, hybrid, stone, tile, wood, and wood planks. Consumers like it because of its easy installation and appearance, but they have mentioned some concerns about the special glue you need to install the floor.


The best brands of Luxury vinyl flooring


When looking for luxury vinyl flooring options from COREtec, you will find two options: COREtec Plus and COREtec Pro. The options available in the COREtec Plus brand are more durable and strong thanks to the reinforcement of limestone. Luxury vinyl flooring in the COREtec Pro brand is completely waterproof thanks to compressed vinyl and polymer cores. The company's price for luxury floorboards is between $ 6.51 and $ 8.15 per square meter.


While you will find many options for stone and tile, Mohawk has more than 200 traditional styles in the form of wood vinyl. Mohawk flooring also has an interconnected patent technology called UniClic® that does not require glue. There are also options for pulling down the adhesive with a wear level of six or 12 mm. Luxury vinyl flooring boards of this brand, unlike other manufacturers, are resistant to heat and sunlight. Prices range from $ 1.33 to $ 4.00 per square foot.


Shaw is proud of the techniques he uses to create Luxury vinyl flooring techniques, including three embossed textures, light texture, medium embossing, and heavy embossing. The texture of the light boards has a brush-like appearance, the embossing roll has a lot of movement in the middle level and follows the grain patterns, and the heavy protrusions have the appearance of shaved hands. The price of this wood vinyl flooring is from 0.89 to 99.4 dollars per square foot.

Although it may seem tedious to choose the best Luxury vinyl flooring and research the pros and cons of Luxury vinyl flooring, you do not have to be too strict. Research the best vinyl flooring, warranties, and prices to find the top-rated vinyl flooring. Do not forget to look at the wear layers and the thickness of the board to make sure you are getting the most durable material.


Vinyl flooring is very luxurious and due to its reasonable price, it can be an ideal product for residential, office, and commercial spaces. The good news is that investing in quality luxury vinyl flooring can mean a durable and beautiful product. In any case, try to look for reputable brands in the market at the time of purchase to install suitable flooring to transform your work and living environment.


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