Is wood flooring in humid climates suitable?

One of the main points that should be considered when buying flooring is the choice of wood flooring in humid climates, which in home decoration, is the first step to create a special effect and impact on the audience. Many details such as color, texture, width, and material of parquet flooring should be considered before buying.

Then you need to know what kind of parquet in which part and for how long you want to use it before buying. Installing parquet for wet areas and places that are in direct contact with high humidity is one of the problems for wood flooring suppliers.

Join us in the rest of the article to introduce you to some tips for installing parquet in wet areas. If the desired location is cemented in areas where the humidity is very high, you should know that the parquet installation site should never be cemented because cement can easily pass moisture and transfer to lower levels of parquet.

This will cause the parquet to expand and then it will face a serious problem. The place you want to install wood flooring in humid climates should be made of ceramic, otherwise, you can use the following solutions.


Use plastic to install wood flooring in humid climates

In such areas, if the floor of the place was cemented, it is recommended to cover the entire surface of the ground with plastic and stick it with 5 cm adhesive tape, and finally install the desired product on it. This issue is important in construction projects in places that are located on the ground floor and its surface is directly related to the ground, which must be observed. Remember moisture-proof parquet is completely washable.

There are a few things to keep in mind when choosing to install wood flooring in humid climates.

We all know that parquet resistance to water and moisture is the main feature of a parquet, so we suggest that you pay attention to this very important point when buying a parquet for your home. Although its price is higher than other parquets, it is better not to sacrifice quality for the price.

Since wood is a natural material, there are some things to keep in mind when choosing wood for your home. However, wood flooring is perfect for all areas of a home and even the kitchen.


Here are some things to keep in mind
Parquet is made of natural wood. However, do a little research to choose a wood parquet so that you can choose the right style for you.

Choosing a parquet for your floor means that you are creating a new style that is somewhat unique by today's standards. Make your choice carefully.

Type of wood for wood flooring in humid climates

Engineered wood flooring is the best option for the kitchen; Because it has a multi-layered structure that provides excellent stability in changing humidity conditions. We do not recommend solid wood for the kitchen.

Because it is more exposed to natural movements, it can change badly by being constantly exposed to changes in heat and humidity. So try to use engineered parquet for your kitchen.

Use parquet in the bathroom

Parquet is a popular surface covering material that has been used since the dawn of modern construction in a variety of interiors. Durability, low maintenance, high durability, and natural beauty that has attracted the attention of many homeowners.

However, installing wood flooring in humid climates has its problems. While certain types of wood flooring can be successful in using the bathroom, wood in the bathroom will have a higher level of maintenance than in other places. But it is still possible to use a wood parquet in the bathroom.

The benefits of hardwood in the bathroom

Despite some drawbacks, using wood flooring in humid climates has aesthetic benefits.

The heat

One of the biggest drawbacks of ceramic tiles is that they are quite cold, especially in winter. This can be a problem because the bathroom is a space where you often walk barefoot.

Parquet floors make the bathroom much warmer and more comfortable. The colors of the floor also make the bathroom look more attractive and pleasant.


The biggest advantage of hardwood is that it can be really beautiful. This material gives a sense of natural wonder to the space and at the same time creates a unique charm.

Each board is a piece of natural artwork with its grain pattern. Hardwood is a classic choice that has been popular for thousands of years and is used in interior design. Bathrooms with hardwood floors as beautiful spaces attract attention.


Lifespan in installing wood flooring in humid climates
With proper maintenance, solid hardwood flooring is a very durable flooring material. A lifespan of 25 years or more is typical for this type of flooring, and this lifespan makes hardwood flooring second only to ceramic or stone tiles.

When hardwood is scratched, it can be sanded and repaired to renew its surface. Engineered hardwood flooring, made from a hardwood surface layer from layered to core, is somewhat less durable. But with proper maintenance, it can still be a floor with a long shelf life. 


Risks of hardwood flooring in the bathroom

Issues related to wood flooring in humid climates all involve how moisture affects the material.


Sprinkle water

This is the first concern for any flooring installed in the bathroom. Showers and baths naturally spray water on the floor.

Almost certainly the bathroom with a shower or bathtub, which is sometimes seen in the groundwater; Especially the toilet that children use.

While the coating protects the material to some extent, you should immediately clean the leak so that moisture does not seep into the protective layer of the material or seep between the seams.

Many manufacturers stipulate that warranties will be void if the water leak is not removed immediately.

Floor slope

If your floor is not perfectly level, you will have trouble sliding water into low areas and pits.

These moisture pools can damage the floor and can even undermine its structural integrity; Mostly because water penetrates through the seams.

Proper preparation of the floor to create a perfectly level and flat base to prevent water damage to the wooden floor is a little difficult.


No moisture barrier after installing wood flooring in humid climates

Many parquet floors are mounted directly to the floor using nails; This means that the traditional steam dam can not be used; Because they damage the nails.

If moisture passes through the ground, it can reach the structural components of the floor and begin to eat deeper layers.

For this reason, wood parquet products that are installed with glue or clicking methods are more suitable for the bathroom environment.


Flood water
Excessive water flow in the bathroom is a constant threat. But if you use hardwood parquet, the risks are even greater. If a pipe starts leaking or a device breaks down, you can quickly see a toilet that is full of water.

Although you may be able to repair some of the damage, running water generally destroys a hardwood parquet flooring facility, even if it is tightly closed.

Almost no hardwood flooring can be sealed against a full flood. In a house with old plumbing, it must be risked beforehand Wood flooring in humid climates is good.



There are several types of soaps, cleansers, and body products used in the bathroom. The nature of many of these materials is slightly acidic, and if sprayed on hardwood, it can eventually die off or cause permanent staining on the wood. If placed on hardwood parquet, cleaners should be cleaned quickly and thoroughly.


High humidity

When taking a shower, the bath gets very hot and the air gets hot and humid. This air will be suspended in space, filling any cracks, penetrating any small space, and penetrating hardwood floors. While only a small amount enters the body, over time, its effects accumulate.

Unfortunately, moisture can invade any side of hardwood; Even the lower and deeper parts, which are generally not completely repaired.

In the case of a widely used bathroom, moisture can cause the floorboards to warp, swell and crack.

Conclusion wood flooring in humid climates

The timeless quality of a natural wood floor can look great in a home. But before installing wood parquet on all floors of our house, we must make sure that wood parquet is suitable for what places?


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