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Various Designs

You have a variety of deck styles to pick from. First, consider whether you want a modest deck for small gatherings or a wide, wraparound deck for large gatherings. Then you'll have to pick how you want it to appear.


Deck Dimensions

What large you want your deck to be will be a deciding element. Is this going to be a little deck where you and your spouse may have a romantic dinner? This will also save money since fewer materials will be required. You could want a spacious deck where you can entertain people regularly. Decks may be built behind the house or along the side of the house, depending on the size of your yard. In this manner, you'll have enough space for a grill, tables, and seats, among other things. On your new deck, people will have plenty of areas to stand and interact.


Materials and Their Types

When it comes to creating your deck, you have a variety of materials to pick from. Because of its vast availability and low cost, wood is a popular choice. Cedar is a fantastic option since it's light yet robust, which is important if you want to have a lot of people on the deck. The oils included in cedar make it resistant to insects, so the deck won't rot. Redwood is another popular decking material, especially on the West Coast. The color is stunning and will set your deck apart from your neighbors'.

Another widely used material is composite. It's gradually overtaking wood as the most popular material. Composite is manufactured from wood fibers and recyclable polymers. They're not susceptible to decay or insects, which may cost hundreds of dollars to treat. You won't have to worry about the deck splintering or warping over time, so it'll look great. Because this material is nearly maintenance-free, the most difficult element is initially constructing the deck. As technology progresses, composite decking is increasingly resembling wood decks in appearance and feel.


Installation Costs

The cost of your deck will be determined by its size. The square footage you have, the more material you'll need. Constructing a composite deck ranges from $1.50 to $3.00 per square foot. Wood decks cost around the same, ranging from $1.25 to $3.00 per square foot on average. You'll also need to factor in any accessories you have, such as railings. The seats can be incorporated into certain decks, so that will be additional material on top of the standard cost.


There are several Do's and Don'ts to keep in mind.

One of the most crucial aspects of constructing a deck is double-checking your measurements to guarantee your materials will fit where you want them to. You won't have much leeway if the deck is in a corner or next to a fence. You'll also want to make sure you have the right fasteners for the job since this may make or break the deck's stability. When utilizing composite material, don't let the decking stretch too much. Look at the span restrictions for that specific product and keep to them, especially if they're being used as stair treads.

There are several aspects to consider while constructing a deck. You'll need a rough notion of how it'll appear so you can decide whether it'll be single-level or multi-level. Depending on what the major reason for having it is, you'll need to figure out how big it has to be to accommodate it. The sort of material you choose will decide how sturdy it is, how it looks, and how much it will cost in the end. You'll also want to know how tough the deck you want to design to construct. These will guarantee that you end up with a fantastic product.



You have already sketched out the basic layout of your deck. You have determined how large it will be and what it will be used for. It is time to start constructing it once you have measured it and ordered the components. Whether you are installing hardwood or composite material, knowing how to build your deck correctly is crucial. You could also consider adding some finishing touches to it to make it appear better. Make it feel like your own by personalizing it. This might entail purchasing furniture for when visitors arrive and placing decorations around the space.


Installation Instructions

If you're going to place hardwood on your deck, be sure it's adequately ventilated. The wood will move less and be more stable as a result of this. Allow 18 inches of open-air under joists with open sides at a minimum to improve cross ventilation. Make sure the planks are sealed within 24 hours after cutting the wood to suit your deck. Where the wood was cut, use an end grain sealer. However, be certain that no sealant gets on the area of the wood that will be stepped on. If this occurs, wipe it off right away.


You should be careful of thermal expansion while installing composite for your deck. Hardwood does not have this issue, but composite does since it is comprised of plastic. This means that when your deck is exposed to hot and cold weather throughout the year, it will expand and contract. Another issue to be aware of is mushrooming, which occurs when a bugle head screw pulls composite material closer to the surface, resulting in an unattractive protrusion. To assist limit the likelihood of this occurring during the installation procedure, use reverse-thread screws.


Taking Care of Your Deck

You will need to maintain your deck throughout the year to ensure that it lasts for years to come. You may use a deck cleaner to remove some of the dirt and grime from your deck if it is beginning to appear a bit unclean. If necessary, you may reapply a sealant after it is clean. Clean up any food or drink that spills on it soon away to help preserve it. The wood may get permanently stained if you spill anything acidic or dark in color, such as wine. To keep it looking great, clean and dry it.


Final Words

You can use your deck all year after it is done. It is crucial to construct it right and seal it properly, so take your time. After that, you may have a lot of fun customizing it. Choose a theme and coordinate everything around it. You might also only choose a few key pieces that are crucial to you, such as a barbecue, chairs, and tables. Flowers in planter boxes or pots are another simple method to add a splash of color without going overboard.


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