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Looking for a specific style? We cover you We have a wide range of wood floor colors available such as light wood flooring, dark wood flooring, white wood flooring, gray wood flooring and black wood flooring, among many other options and We offer advice on designing wooden floors (at no extra cost) and installing wooden floors in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and the United Arab Emirates.

Highly durable and designed to relieve wood floor retention headaches, all of our flooring is easy to care for and built to withstand the harsh General Trading climate. (Ask our friendly staff for wood floor care and tips on the best wood floor cleaner!)

We display all our products on this website, so you can use all the beautiful wood species we use in our range - including oak, maple, walnut, teak, ash, cherry. Explore pine flooring and more. Wood flooring options


Middle Eastern wood

Where quality, reliability and customer satisfaction are sacred

Green Wood  General Trading LLC ("Green Wood "), one of the pioneers of wood flooring in the Middle East, is synonymous with hard-engineered wood flooring, solid hardwood flooring, design flooring, laminate flooring, sports and dance flooring, outdoor flooring, profiles and domains. Has been. , As well as adhesive, varnish and flooring equipment, representing more than 20 top global brands such as Hakwood, Boen, Monpar, Imondi, Bole floor, , Gibus, UPM, DeCastelli, Dasso, STP, Glamora ... from all over the world, including Finland, Austria, Germany, Italy, Canada and the USA.


Green Wood , a one-stop shop for wooden shoes, deals with a wide range of specialized tools and supplies, including sanding machines, nailing machines, wood floor adhesives, varnishes, oils, primers, cleaners, etc. You can find them at Green Wood  General Trading LLC, from underfloor preparation (self-leveling kits and primers) to installation (adhesives and nails) to finishing (varnish and oil) to post-installation maintenance (cleaning parts). .

Green Wood  specializes in Green Solutions for a cleaner, more environmentally friendly world, and therefore only deals with materials with sustainable sources.


Deck and the pergolas

UPM PROFI WPC products - from recycling to superior compounds and product innovation in business

Choose the natural wood that is resistant to composite wood layout and maintenance to get the look and feel you want for a pool deck, outdoor patio, etc. The UPM ProFi design range is a rare example of a better technical solution that positively contributes to the environment.

More than 60% of new composite raw materials can be made from self-adhesive label waste for which there was no previously recycled solution. The success of the UPM ProFi Deck ensures that hundreds of trucks of labeled waste, which would otherwise go to landfill or incineration, are given a second life each year. A composite deck is usually made of a combination of different materials (ie wood and plastic) that are processed for the appearance of the wood.


Exceptional outdoor for every budget has more time to do your favorite things on the Fiberon composite deck. High-performance and Fiberon wood offers charm of hard natural wood without the time and expense of maintenance. Choose from a wide range of colors, shades and options to suit your style and budget.


Indoor parquet

Natural - Stable - Optimal

HARDWOOD flooring

Engineering and solid wood options

The best wood flooring company

Inside the 2015 Awards

Parquet inside the house

Engineered wood flooring: Engineered shoe uses 15 times less hardwood than solid wood flooring, the top layer of which is precious hardwood, and the second and third layers of poplar wood are made with rapid and rapidly renewed growth.


Easy installation: the final product and engineering 5G / Xpress Loc. I want to be able to install quickly and without any problems without any problems of sanding, varnishing, gluing, etc. The adhesive structure of the successive layer protects the flooring from shrinkage. The development is therefore ideal for floating installations, which can be easily replaced if necessary.

Solid wood flooring: To ensure stability, wooden shoes require that they be fixed to the ground by eating or gluing. It adheres well to the bottom surface and gives a firm feeling to the floor and does not produce a hollow sound. For a floor of unparalleled beauty, quality and strength, a solid wood floor is unparalleled.


Design floor

You can make your room more than usual depending on the type of flooring you use. Wooden floor design, unique air, gives a high sense of identity to the room. Make your living room royal, or add a unique identity to the space with an embossed design or brand with your own brand - possibilities are limited only by your imagination.


Designs can be formed during installation, or pre-produced in the form of tiles or inlaid designs. While the wooden floor is done, duplicate patterns such as pruning and cube designs can be created, as well as more complex texture patterns and geometric designs.


Custom flooring such as art medallions, borders, badges, crowns, etc. can be made manually, or designs on AutoCAD can be produced with very high precision using laser cutting machines. There are also ready-made design tiles and border tiles. Wood is a relaxing, inspiring and beautiful and controlled taste of the outdoors. Now, with our exemplary commitment to environmental friendliness and sustainability, you can embrace the magic and beauty of forests in the comfort of your own home, without having a negative impact on the environment.


Sports flooring systems are designed to withstand the harsh conditions of indoor sports, dancing and aerobics. In addition to resistance to abrasion, severe rupture, severe impact, and persistent abrasion, it must meet the standards set for different sports and the demands of their users. Structure design and safety regulations play an important role in creating a good sports field.



A beautiful floor needs beautiful accessories to complete it. For this purpose, we offer the best wooden boards, metal profiles, decorations, etc. from the best manufacturers in the world, which include aluminum profiles, brass profiles, expansion profiles, veneer profiles, carpet profiles, stair veneers, Metal and wooden skirts, beads and so on.



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