How to find my flooring taste?

Choosing the right flooring for your home is one of the most important elements of home decoration. The floor of the house has a great impact on the overall spirit of the house, so you must be very careful in choosing it. Factors such as personal taste, budget, fire resistance, proper appearance and type of substructure are involved when choosing and buying flooring. Therefore, it is better to get acquainted with its types before buying flooring.


Types of flooring for the house

1- Parquet and laminate

These floors are wooden floors and are made of wood such as oak, walnut and cherry. The heating of wood material and its proximity to nature has made the use of this material as the floor of the building popular. Wood flooring is actually either made of natural wood or compressed wood fibers. Parquet, laminate and thermowood are the most common materials on the market that are sold under the name of wood flooring. These floors are called parquet if they are made entirely of wood and if they are made of one or two thin layers of embossed, they are called laminate.

Parquet and laminate can be used almost anywhere. For example, from the floor of the bedroom and the living room of the house, to the floor of the terrace and balcony, the floor of the roof garden of the building and even the floor around the pool of the villa can be covered with all kinds of wooden floors. But you should note that for humid environments such as around the pool, you should use thermowood. But it is more economical to use parquet and laminate flooring.

Laminate flooring is not glued to the floor of the room, but is locked together by male and female by grooves called clicks that exist around the laminates.



  • -Beauty
  • -high resistance
  • -Heating the floor of the house
    • Quick and easy installation and maintenance
  • -Resistance and durability against impact, heat and moisture
  • Affordable is more economical than stone and ceramic
    • Non-adhesive installation and substructure

Note that these floors must be installed correctly, so that they do not warp and do not make noise over time.



2. Bamboo flooring

Bamboo flooring is one of the types of wood flooring, with the difference that it is not a hard wood and it is a kind of straw. In terms of strength, bamboo flooring is hardly oak, which is the most common wood used for flooring. Of course, the appearance of bamboo flooring may be loose, but it is very durable. Bamboo is available in two natural colors, blonde and amber. Bamboo flooring can be cut and installed vertically or horizontally.




  • High stiffness and strength
  • -Beauty
  • The most important feature of bamboo is that it expands less than other wooden floors and is therefore suitable for any type of climate.



3- PVC flooring

PVC stands for polyvinyl chloride. Plywood flooring is another type of building flooring that has received a lot of attention today. PVC flooring, also known as vinyl flooring, is a widely used plastic. Vinyl flooring is a flexible flooring that is made of several layers that are completely compressed and is considered as a composite and resin flooring. These types of flooring are available in different designs, simple, color, wood design, stone design and..



  • -Easy installation and maintenance
  • High resistance with elasticity
  • Being waterproof
  • Various designs and colors


Note that these floors do not damage natural surfaces and do not have natural materials due to the need for substructure and the use of glue for installation.


4. Wood-Look Ceramic Tile:

Many people use wood flooring for their kitchen, but it is not recommended due to the possibility of water leaking from the dishwasher, washing machine, refrigerator, and the like, such as wood and parquet. But if you are interested in wood texture, you can use wood design ceramics.


5. Cork:

It may seem strange to think of cork as a floor. It is easy for people to stand and walk on the Cork floor and people will not feel tired or slippery when standing on it. Cork is one of the most expensive types of flooring due to its characteristics.


6. 3D home flooring

3D flooring is one of the newest models. The design of these floors is based on visual error. In fact, with the art of printing and design, the image on the floor is voluminous. In principle, like all floor coverings, these designs are smooth and smooth, but they are alive and well in terms of the ups and downs on the figure. Sizing and beautifying the floor of the structure with these models completely changes the interior of the building.

The material used in home flooring is polymeric materials and polyamides. PVC and epoxy are the most common compounds in 3D flooring. These floors can also be designed with custom designs desired by the customer. Most importantly, 3D flooring can be installed on any surface. If the floor is ceramic, stone, concrete, etc., there is no problem in installing the flooring.


7. Stone floor

Natural stone has a great appearance. The use of marble, granite, quartz, travertine in wall coverings and home flooring is very common. This product can be installed indoors and outdoors. Due to the amount of water absorption and coefficient of friction, the price of natural stone changes. Terrace and balcony floors, kitchen, bedroom, living room, bathroom and می can be selected from stone floors. Of course, this design costs more. Natural stone is one of the most beautiful types of home flooring that is installed in luxury buildings.


Benefits of home stone flooring


  1. Beautiful and attractive designs
  2. Easy cleaning
  3. Durable and long-lasting


What is the best flooring for your home?

Kitchen flooring: ceramic tiles, laminate flooring and…

Bathrooms: tiles, ceramics, stone, vinyl and PVC flooring

Living room: wood flooring, laminate flooring, bamboo, stone and ceramic, three-dimensional flooring, carpet and rug

Bedroom: carpet and rug, laminate flooring, PVC flooring

Duplex stairs: short pile carpet, laminate flooring, stone and ceramic


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