Critical Tips about Wood Decking Types

A wood decking can be a complementary element for interior and exterior decoration of any type of house. A wood decking floor is not only a good place for entertainment and games but also one of the effective factors in increasing the attractiveness of the house when selling. Different wood decking types can be used in the garden, by the beach, at home or in the pool. In order to choose correctly, you need to know the strengths and weaknesses of the types of wood used. In this article, we want to provide you with more information about different wood decking types.


Why wood decking?

You can install different types of wooden or composite decks to optimize the interior and exterior. But keep in mind that the efficiency and effectiveness of wood decking are higher because it is both more attractive to buyers and less expensive to install.

In general, wood is more valuable than other materials such as vinyl, composite, etc. But it is very important to choose the right wood decking types, depending on the place of use and environmental conditions. This choice is directly related to the longevity of the deck and its attractiveness to buyers.


Softwood or hardwood, which one should we choose?


If you are planning for wood decking, you must decide on the type of wood before any action. If you do not already have experience and knowledge about building materials, you should learn more about the differences and applications of these two types of wood. Hardwood is obtained from broadleaf trees such as cherry and oak. But softwood is made from other trees such as pine, spruce, and cedar.

Usually, a deck made of hardwood is more resistant to water, sunlight, and heat, and has a longer lifespan than a deck made of softwood. On the other hand, hardwood decking is more expensive.

This weakness of softwood decking is removed by using chemical additives. So in many cases, choosing a softwood deck can be a smart and cost-effective choice. However, when choosing softwood decking, make sure the ones you are considering are cost-effective.



Wood decking types: Pressure-treated (PT) wood decking

Softwoods (such as pinewood) that are chemically treated to increase resistance to pests, moisture, and air are called pressurized wood (PT). This type of wood has a wide range of applications from the construction of bases and fences to the construction of wooden decks. This wood decking type is suitable for those people who are looking for a stronger and cheaper structure. But note that after installing this type of wooden deck, you will need more maintenance and you will have to spend more money on things like washing, staining, and sealing.

This type of wooden deck also has its disadvantages, including that if for any reason the parts are damaged and wood chips scratch the skin can cause infection (due to chemicals in the finishing process). So, if you have a child or pet, it may not be a good option for you.

Wood decking types: Redwood

Redwood wooden decks can be considered a better rank than PT. This wood has a beautiful, classic, and natural appearance and is a good choice among all wood decking types. Although this type of wood decking has a high resistance to erosion, after a while, it will need to be cleaned because it absorbs dirt.

On the other hand, since this type of wood is not very common and is only found in certain parts, so if you are not close to the lands that are the source of this wood, it may be too expensive.

Wood decking types: Tropical woods

There are several types of tropical wood, including Cumaru, Tigerwood, and Massaranduba. These wood decking types look very luxurious and suitable, but they also have their disadvantages. The main drawback is their very expensive price. Secondly, they are scarce and there are not many companies that can provide you with good after-sales service.

On the other hand, trees that are cut down to make the wood they need are more than hundreds of years old, so if you are one of those people who care about the environment, decks made of tropical woods are not a good option.

The strength and durability of these wood decking types are high, but they also need annual maintenance and repair.



Wood decking types: Modified wood

This is another type for wood decking which we can not simply ignore. Modified wood is a technological breakthrough in the wood decking process and has proven its worth in practice. Excellent durability, fewer maintenance requirements, environmentally friendly, beautiful appearance, and affordable price are some of the advantages of this wood decking type.

It is a kind of softwood finished with non-toxic chemicals. Its internal structure is modified to have better properties similar to tropical wood. For this reason, it is a safe option for families with small children.


Modified woods are made in different types and various colors and designs. Therefore, for wood decking, you can choose different options depending on the installation location. You have fewer restrictions in choosing the design and appearance of wood, and you can even choose designs similar to other types of wood such as redwood or cedar. This wood is resistant to insects and pests. It is also a great choice for humid environments and changing climates because of its high moisture resistance. That's why it can be your choice wherever you are. It does not cost much for annual maintenance and will be the same as the first day with a simple cleaning process.


However, it is not easy to say which type of wooden deck is best for you. To do this, it is better to consider all aspects of the matter and consult with experts in architecture and interior design.

In general, if you are looking for a cheap deck, PT wood is a good option, and if you care more about longevity, quality, and maintenance, modified wood is better.


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