How to Choose the Right Color For Flooring

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Proportion and combination of colors are some of the most basic elements in architectural interior design. The choice of color has a great impact on the decoration; and for this reason, it is very much considered by interior designers. Choosing the right color for flooring is also important for this reason. If you are one of those people who care about the color combination of the interior or fashion and decoration, you should be more careful in choosing the right color for flooring.

Today, with a variety of designs and colors in a variety of wood and stone flooring, there are several options to choose from. In this article, we will examine the issue of choosing the right color of flooring.


The importance of choosing the right color for flooring

Although, the quality and durability of flooring must be considered as a priority, its appearance should not be neglected. The most critical criterion in choosing the right color for flooring is your own taste.

Since people may each have different tastes, nowadays due to the variety of designs, floors can be found in different colors and models. On the other hand, the variety of floor colors may sometimes make it difficult to choose between them.

To find the right choice of flooring color, you should consider a series of interior design principles. First of all you must pay attention to the type of flooring and its raw materials.

The most popular flooring these days are wood flooring, laminate flooring, epoxy, and PVC. All of these floors have a perfect color scheme, so you have a wide range of options.


Choose the right color for flooring in the house

One of the most popular types of flooring used for modern and special homes is wood flooring. Wooden floors give the house a glorious look and are very diverse in terms of color. In addition, wood can be produced in any color due to its printability.

For wooden flooring used for the house, you have many options to choose appropriate color flooring depending on your dreams. In the following, we will examine the choice of right color for flooring in different parts of the house:



1. Select the color of the floor of the living room

For choosing the right color for flooring in the living room, different aspects should be considered. The floor of this area occupies a significant part of the house. Therefore, its color will play an important role in the mental mood of family members. Since it will not be possible to change the floor every several months, it is necessary to be more careful in choosing the color.

It is recommended to pay attention to the color of other elements such as walls, furniture, and other decoration components in choosing the color of the floor of the living room.

Another noteworthy thing about the color of the floor is the height from the floor to the ceiling of the living room. Neglecting the height of the ceiling may make architectural problems more visible. Dark floors make the living room more glorious. If you choose a floor with a dark color, it is necessary that the ceiling to be lighter. In this regard, pay attention to the style of space decoration.

2. Choose the color of the bedroom floor

Laminate flooring is also widely used in bedrooms. Usually, the most suitable floor color for the bedroom is dark colors. These colors harmonize well with different colors, so you have more choices for designing the bedroom decoration. If the color of the walls and the main furniture of the bedroom are neutral, the dark color of the floor can help to make the bedroom more attractive.

If the bedroom ceiling is short, it is better to choose a light ceiling color and a dark floor color. Of course, it should also be borne in mind that in small bedrooms, dark floors make the room look smaller and more depressing. The right color for flooring this type of bedroom is natural colored flooring. Of course, dark floors are not recommended for a child's bedroom or study room.

3. Choose the color of the kitchen floor

Think more for choosing the right color for flooring the kitchen. If the kitchen is large, there is no restriction to choose different colors for flooring. But for small kitchens not to look too small, you have to choose the floor color more smartly.

The color spectrum of natural wood flooring is wide and beautiful. Cherry and walnut wood is darker than oak and pine wood. Consider the compatibility of the cabinets color and the main kitchen utensils color when choosing the color of the kitchen floor. In this regard, the color contrast between the floor and cabinets can also give a special beauty to the kitchen.



The right color for flooring in public spaces

In interior decoration, flooring is very important. Normally, in public and busy environments such as office buildings, commercial buildings, entertainment centers, etc., it is necessary to use more durable flooring colors.

This has led to the increasing use of PVC and epoxy flooring in public spaces. The choice of PVC flooring color will depend on the installation location. Due to the waterproof capability of this type of flooring, it is possible to use them in bathrooms and toilets.

It is recommended for public health services to choose the color of the floor in accordance with the color of the wall tiles.

Choose the right color for flooring in sport spaces

Epoxy flooring is commonly used for sport spaces because it can be applied seamlessly. This type of flooring can also be used in health centers and hospitals.

In the case of epoxy flooring, its color is added to the raw material. The variety of colors in multi-purpose gyms is greater. In general, cheerful and energetic colors are used for gym flooring. The light color of the sports flooring makes it easier to apply the ruler on them. In addition, dirt and stains show better in bright colors, so they can be cleaned on time.


In general, to choose the right color for the flooring, you should pay attention to various criteria that make consultation with fashion and decoration experts inevitable. Contact us for more information.


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