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Golden tips for better wood flooring maintenance

The use of wood floorings such as parquet and laminate has gained a lot of fans in recent years, and many people prefer to use them to cover the floor of their building because of the benefits that these types of wood flooring have. Wood flooring is available in various designs and colors, and you can choose the color you want according to other home furniture.

But when using wood parquet, important points must be observed so that their lifespan is longer and not to be damaged. In this article, the golden tips in wood flooring maintenance are mentioned.

For proper cleaning and maintenance of wood flooring, we must pay special attention to them.


Wood flooring maintenance: Do not pour water directly on it

When cleaning wood flooring, water should not be poured directly on it. It is recommended to soak a clean cloth or cleaning tool in water and clean the parquet with its moisture. Water and wood are not compatible. Since wooden flooring is a completely organic product, its cellular structure reacts immediately in combination with water, causing bumps and cracks on the wood surface. Wood flooring is usually not very thick and cracks with some liquid.

Most experts recommend that you never use water directly to clean wood flooring. You can clean your wooden floor with a vacuum cleaner daily. On a weekly basis, carefully clean the seams around the wooden flooring.

When liquids spill on the wooden floorboard even a little, you should dry it quickly with a damp cloth. However, when liquid spills on the wood floor surface, it can leak from the floor seams and wear the wooden boards over time.

Wood flooring maintenance: suitable detergent

One of the most important wood flooring maintenance tips for is the right choice of detergent. The use of strong chemicals and detergents can damage the wood texture and damage the parquet. It is better to use mild detergents with water or use a mixture of a dilute solution of vinegar and water to remove stains on the wood flooring. If you decide to clean the floor with a chemical solution, be sure to use a detergent that is made special for wood flooring and parquet. Also do not use steam. Since water vapor also increases the humidity of the floor surface, it can damage it.


Wood flooring maintenance: sharp objects and pet claws

Avoid hitting the parquet directly by sharp objects. If you take care of your pet, it is better to find a special place for it so that it does not damage the floor with its paw, or use a wood flooring type with higher strength and scratch resistance.

We love dogs and cats, but we like our expensive parquet floors either. Some of the deepest and most common scratches on the parquet surface are caused by dog ​​paws and to a lesser extent by cat paws.

If you have a pet, be sure to choose wooden flooring with stronger planks, species such as Brazilian wood, maple, and bamboo, which are more resistant to animal claws. Place the animal mattress on the wood floor surface to rest. However, keeping pet claw nails short is the best way for wood flooring maintenance.


Wood flooring maintenance: Be careful when moving furniture

One of the most common damages to wooden floors is due to furniture and their displacement. Sofa and table bases can damage wood flooring in the long run, it is better to use special rubber or felt layers designed for furniture bases so as not to hit the wooden floor. Some people, after not following this simple point, are forced to replace the wooden floor again after a while. So do not hesitate at all and be sure to prepare protective layers before importing furniture.



Wood flooring maintenance: Keep the floor clean

Another important tip for wood flooring maintenance is to clean it at regular intervals because the accumulation of dust can shorten the life of wood flooring. One of the most effective ways to extend the life of your parquet flooring is to take your dirty shoes out of the house. Pet footprints or paws are fixed on the parquet surface over time and stains remain when cleaned. Polish and polish the parquet surface with special materials ٬ This is a great way to repair wood flooring. Of course, continuous use of polishing materials can damage the floor. Use different polishes suitable for wood flooring on a monthly basis.


Wood flooring maintenance: Use carpets and rugs

One of the most important points in wood flooring maintenance is to use carpets in parts of the house that have more traffic. This protects the wood floor from possible damage. Of course, you may want to enjoy the shine, quality, and texture of your expensive wood flooring and imagine that with the carpet, rug, or any other type of fabric on it, the original appearance of the floor is distorted.

However, in some parts of each house, there is more traffic in these parts. If you protect these parts with carpet, you have increased the life of your beautiful wood flooring. Input sections are more important than other sections, also interior corridors, as well as parts of large rooms such as the path between the kitchen and living room that have more traffic. By flattening beautiful carpets and matching colors, you can make the long and narrow path of the corridors more beautiful and on the other hand, protect the wooden floor. In the kitchen, place rugs in front of the sink and dishwasher that both absorb moisture and are a good place to stand. Small and beautiful carpets in front of the door also show guests that they should take their shoes out of the house!

If you follow these tips for wood flooring maintenance, you can guarantee the long life of wood flooring, otherwise, after a while you will have to think about replacing the flooring and its difficulties again!

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