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What should you consider when choosing Laminate Floor?

What is laminate floor?

Laminate floor is one of the most common options that most people choose. Because it is cheaper than other wooden flooring, it is durable and easy to install and maintain. In choosing laminate, you will have many alternatives in terms of pattern and color (like natural wood or stone) and depending on the interior decoration design you can choose one of them. Laminate flooring consists of three main layers, which are:

Wear layer: This layer is made of PVC and protects the planks against stains, erosion, moisture and scratches.

Design layer: This layer is an image of a pattern that may look like natural wood or stone.

Core layer: This part is actually the main part of the laminate floor and determines the quality and durability of the flooring. The quality of laminate flooring largely depends on the quality of this layer.

Of course, the composition of the laminate planks, the number of layers, and their thickness depends on the manufacturer, but these three main layers exist in all brands.


Laminate floor durability

If you are looking for a durable as well as cheap wooden floor, we suggest laminate flooring. Laminate floor can be a good option if you have children, pets or heavy traffic at home and you are worried about the floor getting dirty or damaged. Of course, the quality of laminate flooring is very different, and depending on your budget you can choose a laminate floor with optimal quality. So when buying, you should ask the seller to explain more about the quality and durability of the laminate floor and determine the product warranty period.


Laminate floor design

A very important point to consider when choosing laminate flooring is the fit of the laminate design with the building decoration. A good-looking and proportioned floor gives a beautiful appearance to the building and enhances its visual value; vice versa, a wrong choice can impose a negative impact on the interior space. Of course, experienced sellers will advise you on this, but you should also pay attention to the following:

• Do not use geometric patterns for small spaces

• The dimensions of the laminate planks are very important. First, do a thorough research in choosing the right laminate size and then buy.

• Use light colors in larger and open spaces and dark colors in smaller spaces.

• Simple designs should be used in smaller rooms and royal designs should be used in more open spaces

• Choose laminate floor for restaurants and busy places

• You must pay much attention to the decoration and type of arrangement


Laminate floor thickness

Laminate planks are made in different thicknesses that vary between 6 to 15 mm. It is usually a good idea to choose a laminate floor between 8 and 12 mm. You can also use special foam under the planks to insulate them against energy consumption and noise.

Before installing the floor, it is better to ask the seller to send the planks two days before so that they reach the same temperature as the environment.


Laminate floor Price and your budget

Although price is not an important factor in itself, it matters when it comes to competition! You should evaluate the prices of the laminate floor based on its quality and choose an optimal combination of price-performance. Sometimes choosing a cheap option will end up costing you more. So be careful in evaluating prices.

However when you go to the market to buy a laminate floor for your desired space, you will face with different types and brands. You must have already gathered enough information to be able to select the right option. There are also different prices and materials that you should choose the best one that fits our budget. Therefore, choosing the right flooring requires information and experience. A reputable seller can advise you and provide you with services in all stages of selection, installation and after-sales service.

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