Can I Use Wooden Decking For My Backyard?

The wooden decking of the backyard creates a warm and desirable atmosphere in the decoration of the backyard. Whether you use natural wood or synthetic composites, the result will be a neat and tidy arrangement that will allow you to have a completely romantic and lovely afternoon in the backyard. In this article, I will share with you ideas on how to use wood decking, which can be a very good alternative to simple mosaics, bricks and stones. Wood flooring is able to create the same warm feeling in the outdoor environment of the house due to its proportion to the surrounding nature.

Wooden decking will have the best appearance in the backyard, which has a lot of natural and green space around it. If you have gardens full of lush plants and colorful flowers, do not doubt that wooden decking is one of the best options for decoration. Wooden decking besides classic style furniture has the best composition in terms of beauty. So if you are planning to use a table and chairs for the exterior of the house, combining wooden floors with furniture with circular or curved designs create the most beautiful decoration in your backyard.


Ideas about using wooden decking for backyard

In this section, we suggest ideas that will enhance the beauty of the backyard and create a pleasant atmosphere.


1- Floating wooden decking

A floating wooden decking is different from a normal one because it seems to ‘float’ on the ground. Such floating wooden decking can be transported anywhere and providing a lovely oasis anywhere in the backyard. This is a great and practical suggestion, but note that the planks you use for this purpose must be resistant to moisture.


2- Wooden decking around the trees

Ever wondered if flooring can be installed around trees? It is a very beautiful view, especially if you pay attention to the combination of the color of the trees and the wooden decking. Contrary to popular belief, it is not difficult and costly and only requires a little imagination and design.


3- Wooden decking in pergola

If the living space of the house is large enough, a pergola can be a good place to relax and have tea with the family! In designing this place, you can use different combinations of wooden decking and furniture.


4- Wooden decking around the pool

If you have a small pool in your backyard, you can use wooden flooring around it. This type of flooring is very suitable for walking with wet feet, sitting and lying in the sun. Of course, waterproof and moisture-proof planks must be used here.


5- Extend your wooden decking through backyard green space

Create a beautiful oasis by a walkway to extend your deck along the yard. This design is won’t cost you, but if you have space and time then it will be an attractive feature of your home. A beautiful design with the lowest cost can create a unique effect in your yard. Wooden decking, along with grass, soil, stone and buildings, creates a contrasting and modern composition.


Wooden decking specifications when using in backyard

Wooden floor used indoors is different from those used outdoors. Floors used in open spaces should have higher strength and durability, because such wooden decking is exposed to more wind, rain and moisture and there are various external factors that can damage it. The wooden planks used outdoors must have high resistance against a variety of fungi and insects and be insulated against cold and heat as well as being washable.


Wooden decking is an option that can be a surprise when it is in the hands of an architect! That is why design is so important. A wooden decking seller should be able to offer a design and execution tailored to the buyer's circumstances. In addition to the fit of color and design, flooring used in backyard should have the following characteristics:


  • Quick and easy installation
  • Moisture resistant
  • Resistant to sunlight
  • Dimensional stability due to very low expansion and contraction of wood in the open space
  • Variety of colors
  • Resistant to abrasion, scratches and dirt
  • Resistant to pests such as termites



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