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Wood Flooring Designs and Interior Decoration

Choosing the right flooring must be based on both appearance and durability factors. Today, the application of wood flooring designs in interior decoration has increased., Here we talk more about the role of wood flooring designs.


Wood flooring material

In recent years, the use of wood flooring in various homes, buildings, and offices has greatly expanded. Wood flooring is made of different woods such as maple, oak, ash, and bamboo and is used to cover the floor by various operations such as cutting and shaping. There are different wood flooring designs, each with its characteristics and used according to different applications.


Why wood flooring?

Wood is a natural element in decoration that gives a beautiful effect to the home, creating a good feeling. So, various wood products are used in home interior decoration. Different wooden shelves, decorative wooden consoles, different wooden frames, and… are some of the items that are made of wood.

Different types of wood may have different designs and colors that can be used to make a variety of wood flooring designs.


The importance of wood flooring in interior decoration

It is very bold and can be used to change the atmosphere of the house by using different wood flooring designs and colors. For example, by choosing light-colored woods, the interior space will look bigger, and dark wood colors will make this space smaller. You can also use a combination of different colors of wood in home decoration and bring a new design to your home.


Types of wood flooring designs

There are various types of flooring on the market, each of which can be used in home interior decoration. Wood parquet, laminate, and PVC flooring are among the wood design floors. The most important new floors are parquet and laminate, which have more fans.

Parquet is a type of wood flooring that special glue is used to stick it to the floor and there are different designs and colors of it. Laminate is another type of wood flooring that is made of HDF and has a higher strength than parquet. Laminate is also sound insulation and has very high quality compared to other wood flooring designs.


Important tips when choosing wood flooring designs

  • Determine the total cost you want to pay.
  • What is the amount of humidity in your desired space? In other words, is the flooring to be installed in a humid environment?
  • For what space (with what use) are you going to use this flooring? consider the traffic, the likelihood of injury, falling objects, spills, and other influencing factors.
  • Exposing to direct sunlight
  • The maintenance methods and the possibility of repairing the floor.
  • If you plan to change the wood flooring designs of your home or install another floor on the current surface, pay attention to the thickness of the flooring you choose. If the thickness of the new floor is much larger than the previous one, it may be difficult to open and close the doors.


Common wood flooring designs in the market.


Parquet is a wood flooring compatible with all decoration styles, very luxurious, and has a unique appearance. In addition, its surface is softer and more comfortable than ceramics. It has a long life and is very durable. It can be repaired and its damage and scratches can be removed by sanding and finally regain their original appearance by waxing. Note that if you are going to sell your house one day, having parquet flooring is a point for your house in pricing!

The parquet surface is easily damaged by falling or hitting sharp objects. You should sweep and clean the surface regularly as dust on the surface may cause abrasion. If the parquet is exposed to direct sunlight for a long time, it may lose its natural color or its surface may fade slowly.

Parquet has little moisture resistance. For this reason, you should not allow the surface to remain wet. Since The moisture that seeps from the floor damages the parquet, If you live in a humid climate, be more careful in choosing the type of parquet and applying the necessary arrangements for its installation and maintenance.



Laminate has a variety of designs and colors. Since its wood flooring designs do not stick to the ground, they are easily installed on any surface (such as stone or ceramic). You can also remove them if you move them and use them again in another place. Therefore, laminate is a good option for tenants.

Laminate is more resistant to moisture than parquet. However, it is not a good option for wet spaces such as bathrooms.

In the previous articles on the site, we explained laminate flooring and its features in detail. To get more acquainted with this flooring, we suggest reading the article.


PVC flooring

These wood flooring designs are washable that can be installed easily and quickly on any flat surface. In addition, they are less thick than parquet and laminate. They are easy to maintain, do not require waxing, and are easy to clean. PVC has a long life and is very affordable. In addition, the flooring is suitable for humid environments. PVC floors today have a variety of designs and colors.

PVC does not have the appearance quality of parquet or laminate. This flooring is attached to the floor with glue, so you have no choice but to replace it for repairs. It also damages the floor and, unlike laminate, cannot be removed and re-installed in another space. Its low resistance to tearing and scratching is a problem. Of course, this problem has been solved to some extent in new models.


Furthermore, various other wood flooring designs should be selected depending on the place of decoration and by consultation with experts. We will explain these issues in other articles. Contact us for more information.



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